About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a safe, natural changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration. It works directly with the subconscious mind and helps to change unwanted behavior and patterns. Simply being in hypnosis relaxes both mind and body and it is in this frame of mind that positive suggestions for health and happiness can be accepted.

How does Hypnosis work

The conscious mind is where we tend to “live” and make all our analytical choices. The conscious mind is more logical, constantly making judgements. The subconscious mind is much more accepting and less judgmental. The subconscious mind is the memory bank of emotion and controls all of the automatic processes that you don’t have to think about – heart rate, blood pressure etc. It’s where our memories and experiences are stored, good and bad. Hypnosis works by updating and re framing the subconscious mind with new information. When in hypnosis the conscious mind remains aware and in control, whilst allowing the subconscious to be explored.

What does Hypnosis feel like

You sit comfortably in a quiet peaceful environment. Guided by a calm confident voice you allow your mind to let go. Your breathing slows and your muscles relax. As you relax even further, your awareness of where you are, why you are there, and who is speaking to you recedes into the back of your mind. Passage of time is distorted. Your conscious mind drops it’s barriers and allows the subconscious to accept positive change. No one can be hypnotized against their will, you are always in control and it will only work if you agree to let it happen.

A sample of what Hypnosis can help with

Tension and stress

Sleeping difficulties

Fears, phobias and panic attacks

Smoking, overeating and other unwanted habits

Anxiety and depression

Lack of confidence and self esteem


In general an issue is being dealt with by the conscious mind which is only 10% of our total. After entering hypnotherapy we have the potential to work with the remaining 90% which is the subconscious. We now have the ability to discover and work with an underlying issue.  Hypnosis can give the suggestion that you are not addicted to food but in hypnotherapy we address the reason behind the addiction.

Through regression Hypnotherapy allows us to re-frame past issues s

A sample of what Hypnotherapy can help with

Past trauma and abuse


Sessions are approximately 90 minutes. Please wear light comfortable clothing.

           Single session $95

           3 sessions booked and paid for in advance $255 ($85 per session)

           6 sessions booked and paid for in advance $450 ($75 per session)